How to play poker like a master for beginners?

The basis of playing poker like a professional is to master the skills and understand the rules of the game, because the game requires a good strategy before betting and an understanding of the rules of poker. If you want to bet at a reputable and reliable site, jiliko online casino is the best choice for you because it has a wide range of poker games that will satisfy card game lovers.

Basic poker rules to know before you bet

First of all, it is important to understand the basic rules of poker, in this online poker game, 52 cards are used. There can be 2-10 players at each table. The dealer will deal 2 cards and 5 pots to each player at the table in separate rounds. The three rounds are 3 cards in the first round (Flop), 1 card in the second round (Turn), 1 card in the third round (River), and 7 cards (2 hands + 5 commons) are good cards.

During each round, players can decide whether to continue (Call), bet more (Raise) or fold (Fold). If everyone folds until round 3 (River), the remaining player will get the pot. The remaining 2 players will have to show their cards to see who is bigger than that. You must see if the player has a good hand, or if you can continue.

  • Dealer – Determines who will decide before or after the start of the round, the big and small blinds. This button moves to the left at the end of each game.
  • The small blind is the person sitting to the left of the dealer, who must bet half before the deal is issued.
  • The big blind is the next in line to the small blind. The bet must be placed before the dealer is licensed.

How to play the game in jiliko

1. To play poker games you need to log in, if you haven’t registered yet, just click Register and fill in your personal details to create. 2.

2. To enter the poker game, go to the menu bar, select “Live Casino” and click on poker. Once in the betting room, select the poker mode and start betting on the Texas Hold’em game.

3. When you enter the betting room, you must bet at least 35 php. In poker, the dealer will first deal you 2 cards and then show you 3 common cards. You can choose whether to continue playing or not. Raise or Crouch After placing a bet, the dealer will show you the last two cards of 5 and let you decide whether to continue or fold. Immediately afterwards, you decide who has the higher score than that.

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