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jiliko offers the best sports betting

It doesn’t matter which sport, event or league you’re into – jiliko has it covered all year round. Thanks to a combination of the best technology, an award-winning customer service and more than 10 years experience, you’ll find everything you need to have exciting sports betting action all year round.

jiliko soccer betting process

  1. Log in to your jiliko account and select a sports betting option
  2. Go to the jiliko sports betting page and you will see many sports for you to choose from
  3. Click on soccer, enter the soccer page and you will see the “soccer odds table”, select the match you want to bet on and choose the price you want to bet on.
  4. If you want to see all types of soccer prices in full, click on the blue icon on the right and a table with all prices will appear. 

Advantages of betting on soccer at jiliko

  • There are many sports leagues to choose from and we have a complete selection of sports matches.
  • The odds at jiliko are fair and depend on the popularity of each match.
  • In addition to general sports, there are also virtual competitions such as e-sports, animated soccer, etc. that you can bet on

jiliko Sports Bonuses

Many people come here for the bonuses and jiliko will not disappoint you. jiliko offers a lot of sports promotions bonuses, if you are a new member, which promotion should you apply for? If you are an existing member, which promotion is right for you? Check it out!

Bonus type Target Bonuses
Welcome Bonus Welcome Bonus New Member
Daily Bonus New Member / Old Member 1,500 PHP
First Deposit Bonus New Member / Old Member 100% Unlimited
Refund bet Bonus New Member / Old Member 500 PHP

The sports promotions shown above, jiliko official website has detailed information to check, whether you are a new member or old member can have the activities you want, if you are still unclear where, please ask us by contacting live chat.